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Many Kitchener homeowners are attracted to the beauty of natural stone countertops. For decades, the only two stone options available to Ontario customers were granite and marble. In recent years, however, quartzite has been gaining in popularity. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that's formed when quartz is fused with sandstone under great heat and pressure. This attractive stone is similar in appearance to granite, but has an even harder surface, scoring a seven on the Mohs scale.
Quartzite most often features neutral tones such as white, cream, beige, grey, and brown. The presence of iron oxide in the stone gives some slabs a pink, red, or burgundy tone. Exotic quartzes may even be found in yellow, blue, or green. The patterning in quartzite ranges from very subtle to boldly dramatic.
The cut of the stone will also make a difference to its appearance. A vein cut shows the minerals running vertically or lengthwise along the slab. A cross cut slab is sliced at a 90 degree angle and shows a cross section of the veins and layers in the stone block. Stone from the same block can look radically different, depending on how it's cut.

Finding a Supplier

Stone suppliers serving the Kitchener area include a wide range of companies, from franchise hardware stores selling floor tiles to premium stone suppliers offering comprehensive service. Choosing a supplier that offers to take charge of the process from beginning to end makes a lot of sense. The best suppliers use cutting edge CNC fabrication techniques, which maximize efficiency and precision.
Some things to consider when choosing a stone supplier include:
  • Track record. Talk to previous customers and look at jobs completed by the company online or in person. Make sure the company you choose has been in business for several years and is financially stable.
  • Selection. Pick a company that maintains a showroom with thousands of stone slabs.
  • Technical aspects. Ask about how the stone is fabricated and installed. CNC has revolutionized the industry, and state-of-the-art computerized equipment such as the NC260 will speed, streamline, and ensure accuracy of the process.
  • Options. Choose a company that provides lots of options for finishing and edges. The edge you choose has a great influence on the way your finished countertop will look, and you should have as many options as possible.

Care of Your Stone Countertop

If you choose quartzite, no sealer is necessary. For stone such as granite or marble, sealer should be applied to the stone after installation. This sealer will last anywhere between one and three years. Reapplying sealer is a simple process, usually consisting of spreading the product on, wiping the excess off, and allowing it to dry for up to an hour.
Wiping with a damp cloth, or cleaning with water and a mild, PH-balanced soap is usually all that's required to clean your stone countertop, although there are several cleaners that are designed especially for stone. (These are generally available at hardware stores.) When cleaning stone, never use glass cleaner, bleach, or abrasive cleansers. Stone countertops will last for generations when properly maintained.
Visit a stone supplier's showroom today, and explore the options available for your Kitchener home!

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